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Ferguson Library

Project Overview & Specifications

  • Project Location: Stamford, CT
  • Architect: Silver Petrucelli & Associates
  • Owner: The Ferguson
  • Completion Date: January 2017
  • Cost Range: $475,506

John Day Ferguson left $10,000 to be put towards constructing a new a public library upon his death, under the stipulation that $25,000 was raised by residents and generous donors. His legacy lives on, and for over one hundred years the Ferguson Library has been a source of knowledge and growth in the community by providing a place to learn and share ideas free of charge in the heart of Stamford, Connecticut.

In 1995, the library became the first public library in the Nutmeg State to grant public internet access, allowing citizens to stay ahead of and adapt to the rapidly changing information research environment.

Kronenberger & Sons performed a complete exterior envelope restoration of the main entrance and front and side façades, including masonry, plastering, and finishes. A new automatic handicap access doorway was also added, and all restoration took place while the building was fully occupied without disrupting the library’s atmosphere.

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