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Harkness Mansion Greenhouse

Project Overview & Specifications

  • Project Location: Waterford, CT
  • Architect: CME Engineering
  • Owner: State of Connecticut
  • Completion Date: November 2013
  • Cost Range: $908,426

Harkness Memorial State Park is a public park located on Long Island Sound in the town of Waterford, Connecticut. Eolia, a 42-room Renaissance Revival mansion with elaborate gardens and greenhouses, is the center of the 304-acre park. The mansion was built in 1906 by William and Jesse Stillman.

After restoring the mansion in 1998, Kronenberger & Sons returned to Harkness Memorial Park and performed a complete restoration to the greenhouse in 2013. We dismantled the old greenhouses, which originally had three separate grow rooms, then we fully restored the primary central greenhouse utilizing existing components, repaired block walls, put in new electrical systems, restored plumbing, refurbished all tables, and reroofed the cistern.

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