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Cupola, Steeple, & Clock Tower Restoration

Set above the clouds, cupolas, steeples, and clock towers have proven to be as beneficial as they are remarkable.

Originally implemented for practicality, cupolas atop barns helped provide the proper ventilation needed to keep the inside cool while simultaneously reducing moisture buildup which otherwise might lead to mold and mildew harmful to the crops and animals inside. The sounds of bells heard throughout small towns and cities projected by church steeples were once the primary means of calling parishioners to worship. Clock towers near a city’s bustling center helped keep citizens punctual before the invention of watches.

Kronenberger & Sons takes pride in the considerable number of cupolas, steeples, and clock towers we have restored as we appreciate the days of old when these building elements were once an integral part of our communities. Many of these structures are works of art in and of themselves, and the carpentry, masonry, flashing, and sheathing may be vastly different from one to the next. Our craftsmen are well prepared to give attention to every detail.

“I found that Kronenberger & Sons consistently outperformed our expectations in terms of the high quality of their work, their responsiveness to sometimes difficult unknown field conditions, and their respect for the historical significance of the Old State House.”