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Lead & Asbestos Abatement

Kronenberger & Sons’ Middletown shop contains facilities and equipment for lead and asbestos abatement, for which we are certified.

Separate rooms for steaming/stripping and sanding allow us to process large jobs and maintain productivity and cleanliness. We use two high-efficiency Steam Stripper ovens made by Bagala to harmlessly loosen years of paint and glazing from old windows and doors. For objects which are larger or sensitive to steam, we employ different intensities of chemical strippers, heat guns, and UV lamps. Various Syclone Mk4 HEPA filters keep clean air circulating in the contamination area.

KSR additionally has many years of experience in dealing with abatement on site, keeping with current OSHA regulations to isolate and remove lead and asbestos even in currently occupied buildings and areas near pedestrian use. Contractors choose KSR first when confronted with historic resources affected by these hazardous materials, due to our attention to hygiene illustrated by our extensive list of safety awards.

“The workmanship of the finished product speaks for itself, and it is clear that everyone involved recognized the importance of this National Historic Landmark structure.”