UConn 5.4 Million Gallon Reservoir Repairs

Project Overview & Specifications

  • Project Location:
    Storrs, CT
  • Project Architect:
    BVH Integrated Services P.C.
  • Owner:
    University of Connecticut
  • Completion Date:
    December 2016
  • Cost Range:

Located at the University of Connecticut Storrs campus is a 5.4-million-gallon water tank. This underground reservoir is located by the utility buildings on the northernmost end of campus and is covered by a mock-up football field used for pep band practices. The only noticeable surface features of the reservoir are the slightly raised ground outlining its rectangular shape, fencing, and the retaining walls, stairs, and utilities surrounding it.

UConn uses the 5.4-million-gallon reservoir for its over 19,000 undergrad population who live on campus and use water daily.

Kronenberger & Sons was responsible for the removal of all existing wooden steps, chain link fence, poles, and damaged concrete. We then poured new cast-in-place concrete complete with railings, installed a new chain link fence complete with new poles, and new light fixtures around the reservoir site.


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