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Our Story

In 1946, Thomas Kronenberger Sr. and a handful of young workers undertook their first architectural restoration. And while it was probably quite simple by today’s standards, they proceeded with attention to detail and sobering care, mindful of the profound responsibility inherent in safeguarding history.

Thomas Kronenberger Sr.
“Starting as a carpenter apprentice some 74 years ago I graduated to where my interests drew me into the construction methods of our past. This was a dying art and a demand for repairs and restoration of these venerable old buildings called for the expertise of a tradesman knowledgeable in that field of work. Slowly I was to emerge as one of a few contractors favored in this type of work. In the years in business I had the good fortune, from Canada throughout New England, to dismantle and re-erect all types of buildings let it be churches, schools, as well as covered bridges, dams, and other structures . . . The company continues to operate under the guidance and ownership of my sons. My life’s work still carries on. As the company slogan goes, “We’re Remaking History”.
– Thomas Kronenberger Sr. (1926-2016), founder, Kronenberger & Sons Restoration

These days, the projects are larger, the demands more complex, but one thing hasn’t changed – Kronenberger & Sons remains committed to learning the story of your building and through our work, telling it with integrity. Our goal is to honor the past, today, preserving it for tomorrow.