Rockville Public Library

Project Overview & Specifications

  • Project Location:
    52 Union Street, Vernon, CT
  • Project Architect:
    Moser Pilon Nelson Architects, LLC
  • Owner:
    Rockville Public Library Inc
  • Completion Date:
    March 2014
  • Cost Range:

Rockville Public Library is an historic library located in Vernon, Connecticut. In 1893 George Maxwell left $10,000 to the town of Vernon for a free public library. He requested that the town match his donation within five years in order to begin construction on the library. The town raised their $10,000 and organized the Rockville Public Library Association.

In 1896, the library opened in the Hartford Connecticut Trust Company building on Elm Street. The current building was constructed in 1905 and designed by Charles A. Platt. The new library building was a gift from Mr. Maxwell’s wife and children after his death. The library was dedicated and opened on June 29, 1904.

In 2014, Kronenberger & Sons was hired to build an addition to the back of the library, adjoining an existing addition. The new addition was built in a consistent style with the former addition, whose exterior wall is now visible from inside the building and accessible via a curved steel staircase. KSR also performed full restoration and lead paint abatement on the large windows on the original section of the library.

“The detailing in this building is so intricate that anyone renovating it or adding on to it has to maintain a very strong attention to detail. We found everything that we needed in hiring Kronenberger & Sons. [...] During the two years that Steve (Crouse) was on site, he literally became part of our staff. His meticulous attention to detail helped to save us money and provided a building that we can be very proud of.” – Donna R. Enman, Library Director, Rockville Public Library

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