Springfield Technical Community College – Historic Building #11

Project Overview & Specifications

  • Project Location:
    Springfield, MA
  • Project Architect:
    Phase I (Exterior): Michael Rosenfield, Inc.; Phase II (Interior): Michael Rosenfield, Inc.
  • Owner:
    State of Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management
  • Completion Date:
    Phase I (Exterior): June 2004; Phase II (Interior): May 2010
  • Cost Range:
    Phase I (Exterior): $1,189,127; Phase II (Interior): $4,491,982

Springfield Technical Community College is located on the 55-acre Springfield Armory National Historic Site in Springfield, Massachusetts. The Armory is famous for its innovative engineering and production techniques that have helped the United States fight for and protect its independence since 1778 when it was built. Originally built in 1808 and added onto in the 1870s, Building #11 is Springfield’s oldest documented building.

Kronenberger & Sons completely restored the exterior, including parapet gable wall reconstruction, masonry repointing and cleaning, slate and copper roof replacement, full window restoration, and completely rebuilding the two dilapidated porches to match the original details and paint colors.

In a later phase, we performed a gut renovation and remodeling of the entire interior of the building, including everything from electrical and HVAC to finishes, plaster and more.

Springfield Technical Community College’s Building #11 is #66000898 on the National Register of Historic Places.

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