Uxbridge District Courthouse

Project Overview & Specifications

  • Project Location:
    Uxbridge, Massachusetts
  • Project Architect:
    SEA Consultants Inc.
  • Owner:
    Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management
  • Completion Date:
    March 31, 2006
  • Cost Range:

The Uxbridge District Court is a court that serves the towns of Blackstone, Douglas, Millville, Northbridge, Sutton, and Uxbridge in Massachusetts.

These towns combined make up around 50,000 people. Robert Taft Sr. lived and worked in what is now Uxbridge, Massachusetts. He was the first Taft in the United States, and his surname might ring a bell, because one of his descendants, William Howard Taft later became the 27th President of the United States.

Kronenberger & Sons was responsible for work on the exterior stairway and entrance, mechanical systems including HVAC, roof work, masonry, flashings, and ADA compliant updates to the bathroom and walkway.


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